Jordi Herrera finds solutions. He offers gastro consulting to several food companies to find innovative solutions to gastronomic challenges: new flavours, new machines to achieve unique techniques, etc.

He also creates customised gastronomic concepts. He becomes immersed in the customer’s personality and objectives to create a unique proposal. After creation, together they make it come true. Because there is no cuisine or gastronomic concept without personality. Maresmar, Grup Ramonet, Hotel Adagio, etc., have placed their faith in his creativity.

“I became familiar with Jordi’s cuisine and I thought he could help us attain excellence, and he’s squeezed everything out of our raw material to attain it. His secret is a passion for challenges, innovation and creation”

Jordi Cubells

CEO of Maresmar, fish and seafood wholesaler

“We needed to spice up our menu and Jordi Herrera has revitalised it, with a creative touch and more thorough executions. He makes the complicated appear simple, and we’ve been able to take a step forward, renewing our offer and improving our cuisine.”

David Francès

Grup Ramonet